2018 Session Dates

Session 18 Jan – 9 Feb5
Session 212 Feb – 16 Mar5
Session 319 Mar – 20 Apr5
Holiday23 Apr – 4 May
Session 47 May – 8 Jun5
Session 512 Jun – 13 Jul5
Holiday16 Jul – 20 Jul
Session 623 Jul – 24 Aug5
Session 727 Aug – 28 Sep5
Holiday1 Oct – 12 Oct
Session 815 Oct – 16 Nov5
Session 919 Nov – 20 Dec5

2019 Session Dates

Session 17 Jan – 8 Feb5
Session 211 Feb – 15 Mar5
Session 318 Mar – 19 Apr5
Holiday22 Apr – 3 May
Session 46 May – 7 Jun5
Session 510 Jun – 12 Jul5
Holiday15 Jul – 19 Jul
Session 622 Jul – 23 Aug5
Session 726 Aug – 27 Sep5
Holiday30 Sep – 11 Oct
Session 814 Oct – 15 Nov5
Session 918 Nov – 19 Dec5
Full Time Fees

IELI continues to include materials in its tuition fees, and to offer a free airport pick up service for students upon request. Please send your enrolment form to info@ieli.sa.edu.au or complete the process by clicking on Apply – Submit enrolment online.

Enrolment Fee: AUD$200 one time only (non-refundable)
Tuition: AUD$410 per week (5-25 weeks)**
AUD$369 per week (30 weeks or more)***
Health Cover: AUD$152 Single (minimum payment / 3 months)
For full schedule for Single, Couple and Family Cover please enquire with Admissions.
Field Trips: Cost of transportation and entry fees
Homestay Placement: AUD$200* one time only (non-refundable)
Homestay Bond: AUD$500
The bond is returned when you leave the host family house without bills or damage.
Homestay Cost: AUD$260 (minimum stay 4 weeks.)
Bank Transfer: AUD$15

* Includes 10% Goods and Services Tax
** The IELI may change its fees at any time. Check IELI website for price changes or contact us.
***The Academic Value Plan is available for pre-paid courses only. It will be applied to the student’s second payment. It is not available with payment plans. This discount is deducted from any refund if a student studies for less than 30 weeks for any reason.

  • The Enrolment Fee and Homestay Placement Fee are non-refundable.
  • Homestay fees are paid directly to the homestay family


Estimated Course Length (In Weeks) For University Pathways Students
Part Time Fees (Per 5 Weeks)

IELI City offers several part time English courses. If your VISA allows part time study, you can choose from a range of part -time courses to continue your study in English.

Please enter your details if you would like to enrol in a course or require further information.

Courses Offered

General English, English for Academic Preparation, IELTS Preparation, Professional English.

5 Week Tuition Fee
(Includes materials)
Enrolment Fee
Communication or Listening
(6 hours per week)
Reading & Writing
(10 hours per week)
Communication & Listening
(12 hours per week)
Communication + Reading & Writing
(16 hours per week)