Explanation Of Costs

Homestay Placement: $200 (non-refundable)
Homestay Bond: $500*
*The bond is returned when you leave the host family house without bills or damage.
Accommodation: $260 per week (Minimum stay 4 weeks.)

Homestay Information

The IELI seeks to provide a homestay program which benefits both local families and IELI students. The focus of the program will be to provide a safe, friendly and healthful environment for IELI students.  The homestay experience will enhance their experience of living and studying in Australia and will provide a positive impression of Australian family life.

Homestay living requires adjustments on the part of both families and students.   IELI hosts reflect the diversity of Adelaide residents and host families come from a variety of backgrounds and include a range of family types.  Students are expected to respect host family rules and work with the family to communicate and solve problems.

IELI recommends homestay accommodation for new students. Homestay families will welcome you into their home, help you adjust to Australian life and provide all your food and board. Living with a homestay family is also a very good way to improve your English.

Homestay living can also be a challenge. It is not always easy to live with a family from another country. The IELI Homestay Orientation Guide can help you settle in to your homestay family. You will received this guide in your Welcome Pack.

If you are thinking of living with an IELI homestay family, you will need to agree to the IELI Student Homestay Code of Ethics Policy at the link below.

IELI Student Homestay Code of Ethics Policy