Online study with IELI

High quality English language tuition

IELI offers a range of online study programs that allow you to study wherever & whenever you choose. With IELI, you can study one-on-one with an experienced IELI tutor, using high quality materials. Our online courses are completely tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses and your personal, academic or professional goals.

Course Options

  • OET Preparation (occupation specific)
  • IELTS Academic or General Training
  • General English
  • Academic English
  • Professional English
  • Pathway English

Each Course Offers

  • weekly individual lessons of one hour with an experienced tutor via Skype
  • access to online course materials in all skill areas, with guidance from your tutor about what work you should do depending on your language needs and abilities
  • feedback from your tutor via email between online sessions and during your lesson on the work that you do as part of the course, plus extra exercises or activities that will further enhance your language development
  • the ability to learn at your own pace and the opportunity to focus on particular skills if you choose
  • expert advice on improving your English skills to meet your study goals.

Test Preparation Courses (OET & IELTS) also include

  • test taking strategies and tips for success from experienced OET or IELTS tutors
  • individualized advice on how to improve your skills for the test
  • at least one complete practice test per week in all parts of the test
  • a range of other practice materials and resources, including sample answers, grammar and vocabulary exercises and resources, extra listening and reading.

OET, IELTS, General English, Academic English, Professional English

Study LengthFee
3 weeks$320
4 weeks$390
5 weeks$460
6 weeks$525
10 weeks$820
More than 10 weeksAsk us

Each payment is considered a separate course. Please select from the pricing options above if you would like further weeks of study after your initial enrolment.

Online Pathway English

Get expert advice on your English abilities. Prepare yourself for academic study.

Become familiar with the IELI system.

Don’t wait to start getting ready for your university course. While you are finalizing your visa, you can begin your English study online from your home country with individual tutoring from an experienced IELI Teacher. Communicate in English, identify your weak areas, and focus on intensive-individualized improvement with your tutor before commencing your full-time English course.

Online Pathway English is a great option for students at all levels of English that are hoping to enter further study in Australia at the end of their English course.

Based on your current English abilities, IELI will select the skills that are most important for you to improve before you come to IELI full-time. Students that take this option are more prepared when they begin their full-time study, which can lead to more successful outcomes and quicker progress upon arrival in Adelaide.

Online Academic Pathway courses include 10 hours of self-study per week, and they offer a first important step in meeting your English requirements for further tertiary study. Homework and self-study are expected as part of this course.

Study LengthFee
5 weeks$550
7 weeks$770
10 weeks$1100
More than 10 WeeksAsk us

Online group study

Online courses can also be presented to groups and tailored to suit your study needs.

Group courses can include live lessons as well as individualised study and feedback. Online learning can provide excellent preparation for University courses.

Contact IELI today to enquire about a tailored Group Online Study Program.