IELI is excellent! It was such a delightful experience there. Location is perfect, teachers are all friendly, kind, calm, respectful and professional. They always smile and I always feel happy. I enjoyed talking with them and learning English, also so grateful that teacher Ben and Sarah always take the time to answer my questions carefully. I highly recommend IELI school to anyone learning English in Australia!!!

Seiko Meguro

It was the best English school whith I already studied. The students are in the same class levels because the school system use different classes to reading, writing, speaking and listening. Then you will be in differents levels depending each of your skills. In addition, the teacher are incredible good, attentive, funny and interactive. Of course all of this together make a amazing atmosphere.

Felipe Alcantara Vianna

IELI is the Best option for study English in Adelaide, all the teachers are very kind and all the Academic topics are very useful . I enjoyed a lot this experience and you can meet a lot of people and make friends for all over the world, so i recommend IELI 100% 😉

Karolina Riveraz
good people
Ng Laz
IELI was a really good experience!
Diego Ruiz

The teachers are so professional and make the classes a complete experience.

Gloria Quintero

The teaching program at IELI can supervise every individual’s skill, as well as the student’s weakness, so they will have a suitable strategy to improve the student’s English.

Anh Pham Tran Tam

IELI teachers know exactly what the students need to learn in each level. The teaching program includes all the important topics foreign students should know.

Susana Marin

IELI is not only the best place for students to improve their English but also for students to meet a variety of students and teachers form difference backgrounds, viewpoints and heritages.

Cristiano Ferreira
Timor Leste

IELI is the place which can integrate many students who are not only learning English, but also learning about love and humanity.

Martinho Savio Gonzaga Sarmento
Timor Leste

If students really want to learn English, they should go to IELI.

Parminder Kaur

I will tell my friends that if you join IELI, you will be fluent and confident when you finish.

Manpreet Kaur

IELI is an excellent English language school, and I could improve my English a lot.  If you study at IELI, you will access success easily.

Lili Hao

IELI is the best place to learn English! I will never forget you! Thank you every teacher who learned me!

Darya Smolina

I took IELI OET preparation class twice. One of them was a face-to-face class (…). Further, I took IELI OET online course. It was very helpful, too, when I prepared what questions I wanted to ask (…). I would really recommend the course to anyone who wants to pass OET.


My classes with Intensive English Language Institute (IELI), Adelaide were extremely helpful.


I’m glad that I studied with IELI teachers for the OET preparation (…). They are passionate about helping students who are from overseas…


It is excellent school!!

Hyoung Sun Kim

This is the best place to learn English.

Amadeo Lima
San Salvador

Great place to study English abroad! It was unforgettable experience in my life.

Kamila Parnicka